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Private life with Dmitry Nikonchik. After training at the company ENECA

A new programme called "Generation NEXT" has been opened in "ENECA" Company. Talented and ambitious students who would like to develop their skills and who care about their future career are welcome to undertake an internship in our company. Internship vacancies are open for students whose lines are marketing, ecology, and design. During the practice an intern has the opportunity to acquire professional knowledge, assisting real specialists in their work. The development of a student as a specialist is important to us. But the formation of a student's forward-looking point of view to his profession and job is the most important result of this internship. We publish points of view or work results of remarkable students. Who knows, maybe this particular view point of the generation "NEXT" will help Belarusian energy sector to develop more effectively?


Private life with Dmitry Nikonchik. After training at the company ENECA

I am Dmitry Nikonchik. I am a fitness instructor of the largest sports center World of Fitness in Minsk. The purpose of my work is a good physical fit of my clients. People come to get great results from visiting the gym. We develop an individual exercise program and diet for each client. Strict adherence to our program is necessarily! Departure from the program is undesirable and also can damage your health.



In parallel I get a second degree in economics. I do my externship in the company ENECA. Here I had the task to learn practical course of development a business plan. Working on this problem, I realized that a business plan is not only for the effective development of business or company, we use a business plan every day, when we think how better and faster to build a house, buy a car, take up a post or even win the heart of your loved one.
If you associate the concept of a business plan with the sport, the activity of any athlete is well thought out plan, which aims is your beach-ready body.

So, how is easy to go with a business plan for life, work and sport? It is easy to draw parallels:

Step 1: Set the goal. Today you are not able to raise the barbell. But if you want, it will happen in a month.

For example, you have a small amount of free finance and you have a dream.

Sport: You want to keep fit. You buy an exercycle. You install it at home and regularly exercise. The result is pumped legs. But not all of the body! Of course in a couple of years you can buy a simulator for pumping the chest muscles...
Business: You have a plant for production of canned fish. And you also want to produce and sell fresh trout. You can buy a fifth of the equipment for the production of trout. As a result we expect when we have money to buy the missing equipment. So you can wait for a long time and your money is idle and does not work. But we understand that if you have investments, they can be invested.

Sport: we buy a gym membership to a fitness center and work out all muscle groups.

Business: we put money on deposit, take the deficient amount on credit. We buy the whole production line and return the loan out of profits from the sale of the product.


Step 2: Initial position. We develop a plan.


Sport: all starts with the preparation of training programs. We make the schedule throughout the week, a set of exercises. A good result will not be achieved without a diet, which is made not for a week or for a month, but for the entire period of work on oneself. Be careful! For each person the program should be individual, taking into account his height, weight, anatomy, contraindications or the doctor's recommendations. It is better when these questions are solved by specialists. Otherwise, for example, with wrong set of exercises women will have biceps instead of muscles.

Business: we develop a plan for production and sale of products based on the actual loading of equipment. In the company's activities raw materials resources are the key article of production. Misallocation of raw materials can hurt production!



Step 3: Do not stop. Carry on! We calculate costs.
expenditures for purchasing a gym membership and expenditures for transportation or fuel to get to the gym. In the sporting life, as well as in business the main thing is to take into account all costs and do not inflate your expectations. Not everyone can be A. Schwarzenegger, but you will become a handsome man!
Business: expenditures for fuel and energy resources, additional electricity and natural gas, salary, amortization, general costs.



Step 4: I did it! Evaluation results
So, we have achieved our objectives: a beautiful, healthy body and the benefits of the planned production.
of the plan implementation will show us the result: compare the benefits and operatinal costs, we find profit which determines the payback of our plans and efforts.
In business, it is important not forget to take into account market conditions, customer demand and competitors' offers, as well as profitability index, ratios, accounting statements, strategies, estimates etc.

Was it necessary to develop a business plan?

Of course! You have achieved your goal

 quickly and efficiently!

  • with minimal expenditures!
  • in the shortest time!

Now you can solve any problem and overpower any load in the gym!
Time to put a new task.

Now, as a coach, I can assure you that with a business plan you are ready not only to go through life, but also to run.


Thanks for the help to:
Deputy director for Commercial Matters of ALC ENECA Alexander Lebetsky.
Head of the Economic Department, Master of Business Administration Marina Mikhailovskaya


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