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New horizons of design, or how to design a profitable store

Good afternoon. My name is Alexander Kulesh. I am the head of the department of designing of commercial facilities. I happened to work as a design technician in such trade networks as "Evroopt", "Belmarket", "Rublevsky" & "BAZAAR". Thanks to that, I understood what kind the shops should be to profit their owner.

Why should you use our services?

It's very simple! Our company follows the latest trends in design. Our staff includes not only professional designers, but also such non-typical specialists as project manager and project coordinator. All design processes are well-organized. All projects and project tasks are structured and gathered in a specialized "cloud" service for managing and coordinating of projects to provide maximum transparency of all processes and to resolve problematic issues or fill a shortage of background information, provided by the executive designer. Such approach to the design process is highly effective in development and re-use of the project in different geographical locations. It is especially true for the design of shops for trade networks, which typically try to use as "standard" solutions as possible.

What can we do?

Our services are not limited just to design, we can carry out for you a range of pre-design works (investment consideration, feasibility study, and evaluation of fuel requirements), economic works (business plan, trading area analysis, and market research), environmental works ( enterprise's ecological passport and development of sanitary-protection zone), survey work, and we can also advise you about the selection of land plot for a particular type of a store, make the selection of energy source (boiler-house, mini-CHP, if the designed store is located far from the heating systems), and even build a finished building!

We can help you to avoid the following mistakes in construction and design of stores:

Depending on the targets of the investment project realization in the field of retail real estate, I can point out the following primary areas:

Development of a trade network under a specific brand and one or several trade types; or for self-supporting control of trading processes; or for resale to other trade operators (franchise) with the assignment of brand name of the acquired operator or preservation of original brand.

Construction of retail facilities for further sale or leasing.

The purpose of organization participating in capital investment to retail real estate in Belarus doesn't matter; but the characteristics of retail facilities should consider a lot of factors.

Wrong strategies of development of trade network.

I've faced a number of wrong strategies in the implementation of investment projects in the area of trade:

Specific issues to be resolved before the beginning of design process.

The analysis of trading area will help to determine the adequacy of the choice of the store location, its type and floor space. In this analysis the most important characteristics of the geographical location of the object are studied:

Internal filling of the object through the eyes of an ordinary buyer.

I'm a buyer and like all the people I visit stores practically every day. To my great regret, I must admit that the interests of the buyer are not always taken into consideration when the internal filling and space of retail facility is planned. It's understandable - any investor is primarily interested in profit, other issues are decided by the structural departments of investor's organization. Sometimes it creates nuisances for a buyer:

Phone "ENECA" Company!

In addition to design, ALC "ENECA" can help you in developing of a business plan of implementation of investment projects, formulation of retail facility concept, and defining the strategy of trade network development. If necessary, we can take full control over the investment project, from the designing of the retail facility to its construction.

  • Construction or reconstruction of buildings for siting of retail facility (hereinafter RF) is carried out in those geografical areas that have been easy to wangle; however, these land plots or existing facilities are usually unsuitable for the location of retail facility, or an acceptable level of income isn't feasible or feasible in the very far future. A standard size of the retail facility is chosen and cloned on organization's land plots; A specific store type is chosen and also cloned on all organization's land plots without conducting of market research for this location; The analysis of competitive environment isn't carried out within the planned RF. 1. Geographical location . It's understandable that a retail facility located in thick forest far from residential areas may be useless. Alhough multi-functional shopping centers located in the suburbs are quite popular among our neighbors, our country is not ready for such stores. 2. Type of the retail facility.  It's important to make an assessment of the existing competitive environment to offer the buyer the production which will be popular in this geographical area. For example, a "discounter" type store located in the prestigious district of the city with upper class inhabitants won't be able to satisfy the exacting demands of this type of buyers. "Near the house" type retail facilities with sale of cookery and baking, located in small towns with population whose income is below the average, often don"t meet the owner"s expectations, because the cookery may be unpopular among the inhabitants. 3. Necessary sales area: If it is less than you need - there is a probability that our store will be less competitive than the сcompetitor"s one, and the sales volume of our RF will be low. If more than you need - a "smearing" of sales volume will take place, and the sales volume per square meter of the sales area will be the lower, the larger the floor space is. Location of competitor's store and its distance; Competitor's working styles and price level; Pedestrian and transport traffic, location of bus stops and places popular among population; Number of households and their distance.  There are too much of shop equipment, and the store is crowded and uncomfortable for a buyer. And it turns out that the assortment seems to be good and the prices are acceptable, but it's unpleasant to visit such store;
  • Lack of staff. There can be very few sellers, cashiers or cleaners. A buyer who knows the value of time will prefer to visit a store with high speed of service, even if the prices there are higher and range of good are worse;
  • Ill-considered interior and lightning. Sometimes some stores use too aggressive or depressive colors in interior design, and it puts pressure on mind; high shelves and bad lightning force the buyer to strain eyes, and both these cases don't attract clients to the store