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Heat load calculation or take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves

The company ENECA has opened a new program called “Generation NEXT”. We offer an opportunity for internship for ambitious, gifted young people who want to develop their skills and think about building their future career. Internship vacancies are available for students studying marketing, ecology and all project design majors. Participating in the ENECA company internship program the students will be given an opportunity to gain meaningful workplace experience to complement their studies and to get an insider's view of a new career field. We value personal development of our interns. But the main outcome of «Generation NEXT» is that we form progressive viewpoints on the students" specialties and future jobs. We publish works and viewpoints of the most remarkable interns. Who knows, maybe this particular opinion of “Generation NEXT” intern will make the development of our country"s energetics more effective?


Давидович Мария
Стажер ОДО "ЭНЭКА"

Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves

In our century of innovative technologies, when the issues of economy and reduction of production cost attract the interest of competent managers, and the opportunity to pay less for public utilities attracts ordinary people, heat load calculation is quite urgent.

But what is it? And how will it help you to pay less? Let"s explain.

Heat load calculation – is a calculation of heat energy consumption of all types of heat consumers during peak loads. It is necessary for reasonable estimate of heat load for the companies of small and medium-sized business, and private individuals. You can adjust public utilities payments and reduce financial expenditures due to the heat load calculation. It is also necessary when you renew a contract with your heating supply company.

This type of work is reasonable if there are no heat energy meters, and the calculation of heat consumption is made according to load, which can be greatly overstated.

It seems to be somewhat tangled and incomprehensible; therefore we will try to explain it through the example of a situation which can happen in any city.

Anna Ivanovna, a hairdresser, had dreamed of opening of her own business for a long time. And she bought a one-room flat on the first floor of a dwelling house. Then she incorporated her business and became the owner of a hairdressing salon. Her business thrived; there were a lot of clients.

It was soon time to pay the bills. When she saw the bill, she decided that there had been a mistake in the dwelling operational service. But she thought that it was a small sum and everything would be good next month. She also paid attention to the fact that the radiators in the salon were almost cold, and her clients complained about the cold. She put a heater, and her expenditures on electric power increased. What a surprise it was when she got the same bill next month. She went to the dwelling operational service to investigate the situation. She was explained that the house had a common meter and the payment should have been made according to its reading and the area of the flat. Her request for the installation of an individual meter was refused because of the engineering characteristics of the building.

But one thing became clear: she also paid for the unheated basement and the garage which were part of the flat. She understood that she was paying for the energy, consumed by other tenants. She put up prices on her services and lost a lot of clients in the result.

It all happened because Anna Ivanovna knew nothing about the heat load calculation and how it could help her.

“ENECA” Company carries out heat load calculation. We are known and respected for good quality of performed work; therefore if you use our services, you will get well-done work in the shortest possible time. And find out if you overpay for extra Gcal.

There are several stages of heat load calculation:

1. Background acquisition

To obtain background information, the questionnaire is sent to the client (The example of the questionnaire). The calculation is performed according to this questionnaire, and then it is submitted for endorsement. If necessary, the specialists of “ENECA” Company assist in gathering of background information.

2. Implementation of heat load calculation

If there is all required background information, the implementation of heat load calculation will take from one day to one month, it depends on the capacity of premises. When calculating the load, the calculation of losses through building envelopes is fulfilled, the load on hot water, depending on the type of water users, is analysed.

3. Endorsement of the calculation

The endorsement is fulfilled by the client. “ENECA” Company undertakes to eliminate technical errors, emerging during the endorsement.

As you can see, we will help you to draw up the documents properly, fulfill heat load calculation and assist you during all stages of endorsement. We will solve all problems.Every client is important for us and we will be pleased to help you. Spare your money – contact the specialists of “ENECA” company!


+375 17 393 27 88 +375 29 117 38 63 +375 29 671 97 36 +375 29 255 78 33

Address: 177,Nezavisimosti ave., room 1a 220125, Minsk, Belarus
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