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Experience in the implementation of good projects

What is necessary to carry out the project? How to make project to a good quality, quickly and cheap? How much will it cost and how long the project will be implemented? A lot of managers, engineers, investors ask themselves at the beginning of reconstruction, modernization, construction, creating a new production company.

Why did we decide to talk about it? Because our specialists have successfully replied these questions for almost eight years, and we are ready to share with you our experiences and knowledge. Sometimes you can regret that in the beginning you have incorrectly made a decision, picking up the wrong equipment for the boiler or mini-CHP, incorrectly appreciated the possibility of organization of a new production or new construction.

There is a range of activities, called pre-design works: feasibility study, investment consideration, calculation of fuel requirements, business plan, implementation of which allows you to define options for the desired project, project capacity, basic equipment and compare proposed options for the estimation of capital costs, payback time.

Well, let's try to do a project! Let's start with feasibility study. This work will allow us to determine the desired option for the project, proves the necessity of choosing new technology, equipment or start a new business.

After the feasibility study you will see and understand:

  • optimal engineering solution of the project;
  • basic and optional equipment;
  • amount of initial investment;
  • payback and financial rate of return.

One call to the company ENECA and we work with you to fill in the form of technical specifications which will have options of development of feasibility study, scope of work and state agencies which approval you may need. Feasibility study is developed on the basis of technical specifications and a questionnaire. We want to save your time so our specialists will help you prepare the necessary documents. We will not say to you: «This is your problem» or «Ok. We can do it without this information, but it will be of poor quality».

You are a customer. And in our opinion to win confidence, it is necessary to be professional. In the process you must be sure that we are aiming for a result that suits you.

As a rule feasibility study is developed from two weeks to 1.5 months. At the same time we can start other pre-design works (business plan and calculation of fuel requirements).

Business plan  will help you to prepare for a meeting with the investor and / or bank,  which will be ready to finance your project.  With all the abundance of business plans, which offer various consulting companies, it is worth remembering that there is a recommended form of drafting a business plan   (The rules for developing business plans for investment projects approved by the Resolution of the Ministry of Economy of Belarus dated 31.08.2005 №158)  ОHowever, some investors and /or banks sometimes ask to indicate other measures of efficiency. The cost of your business plan depends on several factors: do market research or technical development of the business plan. The most important thing is the developed business plan will help to achieve the desired result . We help you from the beginning till the end.

Calculation of fuel requirements.  If your equipment run on natural gas the сalculation of fuel requirements will be very fast (1 – 3 weeks), but the approval can take 1,5 - 3 months. Remember, if you do not have permission to use the fuel your project will not accept for consideration in the state examination. When we prepare сalculation of fuel requirements, you have to prepare standard letters to the approval authorities.

Then usually they say to the customer: «If you have noticing, we will correct…» But not in this case! We save you time. We will write all necessary letters, approve the сalculation of fuel requirements. We will keep you up to date.

It would seem that here we have the full range of pre-design work and somewhere not far looms the design process. And it is usually the biggest mistake.
In order to start designing, you must obtain a decision of the Executive Committee, prepare the initial data, formalize in different approval authorities , order survey work, etc. 
What to do? Is it drags on for an indefinite period? No, no and no! Believe me, we will not leave you in the routine process. We offer you a range of activities, which consists of:

  • Assist in the primary collecting.  Our specialists take responsibility for the preparation of the initial data. This is a routine work that is why some customers are happy to use this offer. This service will suit you if you have never engaged in construction or if you have little time. We will do it for you. When our clients see the cost of this work, they are pleased to give us the functions of preparing the initial data.
  • Time-phased implementation of the primary collecting and parallel design process.  You can wait for the latest information that is necessary for a complete set of initial data or you can determine on the contractual stage the primary initial data and initial data that can be provided in the design process. This will allow us to begin quickly the project.
  • Survey work  (engineering and geodesic, engineering and geological and other survey, inspection of building structures). If you want to order and supervise these works yourself, we will offer you a base of organizations carrying out survey work or you can give us to do this work! We will engage for survey work your favorite organization or the organizations with whom we work for many years.

Generally, development of design estimate documentation takes 2 – 4,5 months. And do not believe, if somebody says you that it will take a month. You are a customer and we appreciate that you came to us, that's why our aim is to be honest and responsible to you in achieving a common goal.

Alexander Lebetsky
Deputy director for Commercial Matters
marketing manager of SLC ENECA

Ordering the development of the design estimate documentation in our company, you can be sure that the desired result will be achieved, to a good quality and on time. It was estimated not only by Belarusian customers. The company ENECA has experience in the field of design for Russian, German, Swedish, Lithuanian and Chinese companies.

Please, check out our list of  completed projects  and you will see that you are on the right track! Contact us and we will do design estimate documentation , ecological, economic or pre-design works honestly, efficiently and in a short time.

When you want to invest your money in construction, modernization, development of new production facilities, you want to do all without any problems. You can call us and say: " I need a boiler house or I need a project of  mini-CHP ", "I want to implement a biogas unit at the enterprise", and you will get answers to your questions, plan of actions, a full range of design and pre-project works and you will see that  thought is material!