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10,000 euros for your business development

ALC “ENECA” will help you to get a grant with the “Business Advisory Services” programme, held by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Business Advisory Services is a project of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for small and medium-sized business. The purpose of the program is to assist small companies in their growth, development and adaptation to the demands of the market economy. The program covers up to 75% of advisory and consulting costs for the program participants and helps companies in the selection of experienced business advisors to solve specific problems.

You are a start-up private company of small or medium-sized business with the number of employees ranging from 10 to 250. You require expansion, reconstruction, production improvement, and adoption of new technologies or engineering solutions. Now you can apply to European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, prove the compliance of your company with the bank"s selection criteria of companies and real necessity in consulting support, and get a grant. You are entitled to get from 25 to 75% of advisory project cost, capped at 10,000 euros. The bank will offer you to use only the services of reliable certified consulting companies with impeccable reputation. ALC “ENECA” has recently received the required certification.

“ENECA” Company went through the preliminary certification with EBRD, proved the compliance with the bank"s criteria, and also that it has experience, reputation, means, and recourses for successful realization of projects according to the BAS programme and can act as a business advisor.

According to the BAS programme, ALC “ENECA” perform the following services:

  • Environmental services  (the development of the “Environmental Protection” (EP) and “Environmental Impact Assessment” (EIA) sections, the formatting of environmental passports of projects, the development of documents regarding sanitary protection zones, the calculation of pollutant dispersion, the inventory of pollutant emission into the atmospheric air, the development of standards of pollutant emission into the atmosphere, consultations regarding environmental issues, the software calculations of pollutant emission mass emitting into the atmosphere with the filling in a tax declaration;
  • Energy Efficiency services  (the designing of boiler houses, wind-driven power plants, mini CHP, biogas systems, project adaptation, the designing of heat supply stations, diesel power plants, heat-generators;
  • Project documents development;
  • Predesign works  (technical and economic feasibility, investment consideration, fuel calculation);
  • Selection of partners and funding of a project (the search of investors, suppliers, clients);
  • Development planning (the calculation of project"s economic efficiency, designing of business plans for foundation and development of new companies, monitoring and control over the fulfillment of business plans);
  • Market research and planning of marketing activity.

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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is an international financial organization which furthers the development of entrepreneurship and finances projects in 29 countries from Central Europe to Central Asia. In October 2011 EBRD introduced in Belarus the BAS program for small and medium-sized businesses, which is financed by EU as a part of the BAS program in Eastern Partnership Countries. Now you can partner with “ENECA” Company for the BAS programme!

Every customer is important for us and we will be pleased in helping with all your business ideas whatever wild they are; especially now when it is so easy to do!




+375 17 393 27 88 +375 29 117 38 63 +375 29 671 97 36 +375 29 255 78 33

Address: 177,Nezavisimosti ave., room 1a 220125, Minsk, Belarus
business center PORT