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Design of Boiler Houses

Boiler house is a building in which is heated coolant for heating system or steam supply. Boiler houses are connected with consumers through heating and / or steam lines. The main device of the boiler house is a steam boiler, fire-tube and / or hot water boilers. Boiler houses are used for central heating and steam supply, or at the local supply, if it is a boiler house of the local value (within a private home, neighborhood).

“Reference information”

Boiler house is a high risk construction. When designing the boiler houses should be consider a number of technological factors directly affecting the organization of construction, order and security of exploitation of the boiler:

    * Type: built-in, built-on, roof, located on a separate building;
   * Fuel: boilers using natural gas, liquid fuel, solid fuel (coal, peat, local fuel), combined;
    * Type of coolant and type of boilers: hot water and steam boilers

“Our Services”

For companies which planning modernization of existing boiler houses with equipment replacement and which planning to build its own boiler house, we offer the development of design estimate documentation and a full range of pre-works for the boiler houses running on liquid and gaseous fuels to 100 Gcal /h and boiler houses running on local fuel:

    * Development of a business plan
   * Calculation of fuel requirements
    * Feasibility study
   * Investment consideration
    * Development of design estimate documentation