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Company History

Energy engineering - consulting company ENECA was registered in June 2004 in Minsk, Belarus: decision № 1325 of 30.06.2004 in the Unified State Register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs under № 190549168.

Goal of creating a new company is to provide engineering and consulting services in energy and ecology.

The company was created by a group of engineers with extensive experience in the energy sector and worked on projects such as: construction of mini CHP at RUE “Svetlogorsk Khimvolokno”, reconstruction of Minsk CHP-3, construction of Grodno HPP, installation of boilers for combustion of lignin and peat at Bobruisk CHP-1 and participating in international projects undertaken by the World Bank: introducing the concept of PSC in Belarus and clearance to the implementation energy efficiency projects in Belarus.

Company''s first projects were development of feasibility study for the installation of power generation equipment and the calculation of fuel requirements for JSC “Bereza cheese-making factory” in 2005. Qualitative execution of the project and efficiency of calculations were the basis for further cooperation between the two companies.

In its first year, the company''s specialists developed a number of projects, such as: justification the installation of gas piston units at the boiler house PRUE “Brest Electrotechnical Plant Production”; business - plan for the reconstruction unit № 3 Bereza SRPP, energy audit for RUE “Baranovichy Cotton Association”, etc.

The first project in the field of bioenergy and alternative energy was the justification of a complex construction on obtaining and recycling of biogas developed for Borisov Integrated Bakery Products Plant. Creation in 2006 of environmental direction allowed to reach a qualitatively new level of pre-works and the first major project was the installation of cogeneration equipment at the boiler house of JSC “Bereza cheese-making plant” and the reconstruction of the turbine set PT-60 at Mozyr CHP.

Getting the license in spring 2007 for “Design and construction of buildings and constructions I and II levels of responsibility and holding engineering surveys for these purposes” opened a new chapter in the history of the company and allowed the company to reach a qualitatively new level - the development of all sections of the design estimate documentation. The first architectural project was the construction of mini-CHP electrical capacity of 4 MW in Stolbtsy, and the first construction project was reconstruction of dryers VRA-4 with replacement of steam heaters for gas heaters TG-1,9-200 in the workshop of skimmed milk powder for JSC “Novogrudok Butter Factory”.

In summer 2007 was opened direction wind power that was a consequence of the transition of the Republic of Belarus to the policy of energy efficiency caused by the rising costs on     fuel and energy resources. The first project of a new direction was won tender for the construction project, the wind power station electrical power 1.2 MW, located in one of the highest points in Belarus - a village Grabniki, Novogrudok region. At present architectural project undergo expert examination and is planned to develop a construction project.

\r\nIn response to growing market demand for automation of environmental calculations, ecologists and power engineers together with IT-specialists have developed software for energy and ecology - E3Air.

Today ENECA is a group of specialists with solid experience in the field of energy, ecology and economy. The company has united knowledge and experience of different specialists.