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ENECA expands the horizons of cooperation

This spring School of Business and Management of Technologies of BSU ( SBMT BSU ) began working with ENECA. Together with the Center for Career Development the first training for students of SBMT BSU was organized.


The company management pays attention to professional training of employees. Cooperation with the School of Business and Management of Technologies of BSU is unlimited possibilities in the development of this area – practical training for students, career education programs, thematic seminars and trainings, etc. The best students of SBMT BSU have just had a practical training in ENECA.


High-quality business education is a sure-fire way in the current market conditions of the economy. High-quality training of today's students for a successful business career is the main task of the joint activity of ENECA and SBMT BSU.

SBMT BSU is a leader in business education in our country. During the period of its activity a high-level system of business education, which includes the training of first and second stages, retraining of administrative personnel and professional development, was created.

SBMT BSU provides training at the first stage of higher education with a specialization in «Business Administration», «Logistics», «Innovation Process Management», «Information resource management». The practice-oriented and modern approaches, based on the experience of foreign education are the main approach to education at SBMT BSU.

The School of Business and Management of Technologies of BSU has a Master's Program of the second stage of higher education on a specialty «Business Administration» (МВА), within the framework business leaders are trained to work in various fields. The MBA program is for anyone who is interested in career and professional development.

Retraining and advanced training is carried out on the most actual professions for the Belarusian economy - «Business administration», «Finance», «Human resource management », «Innovation management», «Investment management», «Web-design and computer graphics» etc.

Study at the SBMT BSU has a lot of advantages.

Victoria Senyut 
Head of the Center for 
Career Development 

Firstly, you study at the main university of the country and you also have the opportunity to get education according to European standards.

Secondly, receiving a classical knowledge base in the economic, management, marketing field and other important and popular professions, you also learn the modern methods of doing business.

Thirdly, you improve your English language skills, as well as knowledge and skills of modern information technology.

The list goes on, but the main indicator of the success of educational institutions is the success of its graduates.

Cooperation of ENECA and SBMT BSU is possibilities to create career education programs that give new meaning to the training concept of graduates and professionals.



+375 17 393 27 88 +375 29 117 38 63 +375 29 671 97 36 +375 29 255 78 33

Address: 177,Nezavisimosti ave., room 1a 220125, Minsk, Belarus
business center PORT