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Development, coordination and approval of waste handling instructions

Waste handling in the organization is carried out in accordance with a special document - Waste Handling Instruction. Organizations engaged in waste handling are required to have the waste handling instruction and to comply with it requirements under the Law No 271-3 on Waste Handling.

Developed instruction shall be coordinated in the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Development period is from 5 days to 2 months.

Acoustic calculationis carried out in design documents for construction of residential, industrial and public buildings. Acoustic calculation is carried out in order to ensure the regulatory parameters of noise in residential areas.In carrying out the acoustic calculation noise sources are identified, their noise characteristics aredefined, the degree of influence of noise sources for residential buildings is determined, if necessarynoise protection measuresare developed in compliance with sanitary norms.

Procedure to perform acoustic calculation:

  1. Initialdatacollectionandanalysis
  2. Acoustic report
  3. Analysisofthecalculationresults

Cost and terms for acoustic calculation are determined depending on number of noise sources, initial data provided by the customer, type of premises, their design and purpose, etc. and negotiated with the customer on an individual basis.