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Globalization, standardization, ecologization have become part of all activities.

These fashion trends can be traced in the energy sector. The problem of reducing of the supply of fuel and energy resources, environmental degradation led to the appearance of renewable and alternative energy. In Belarus are designed and put into operation windmills and biogas systems. It helps to reduce energy dependence and decrease anthropogenic load on the environment. What are the current environmental trends and how they affect everyday life? We will try to answer this question.

Nowadays a lot of attention is paid to a healthy lifestyle and heighten interest in ecology. Only now we understand, that without care for ourselves we will not be health or beautiful. Environmental situation makes think about the possibility of maintaining the quality of life at a high level, not only material but spiritual. That is why environment protection becomes important in everyday life of citizens. Сan ecology be fashionable??? It means fashion for clean air and water, food and environmental protection.

Food is very important in the healthy and long life. Nowadays there are many diseases caused by unhealthy diet. What kind of food can be called healthy??? All physicians have the same opinion: the main component of a healthy lifestyle is organic food. The stores have products that do not contain artificial additives. Agricultural products grown without fertilization is very popular. On the package of goods producers place special icons (emblems), indicating compliance of products with the environmental policy (ECO, Green Point, More Green). For example, the Green Point/Der Grüne Punkt means that the manufacturer partially pays for recovery or recycling. This condition stimulates the production cutback on packaging, because in this case the amount of licensing fees is reduced. These areas of the environmental policy form culture of healthy eating.  

Ecotourism is a newish and high developing form of tourism which is gaining popularity all over the world. The main task of ecotourism for the modern tourist is the study of wildlife and stay in the natural environment. Nowadays travel agencies offer a lot of tours. However, ecotourism is very popular. With ever-increasing pace of life, environmental degradation, stress, we have no time to enjoy nature, relax, breathe fresh air, spend time with family and friends. In Belarus there are several national parks, numerous natural, landscape and biosphere reserves. Getting to know nature, we understand the necessity to save it. Thanks to the development of ecotourism in Belarus we can save a lot of historical monuments, our culture. Belarus is a country oriented on ecotourism which must use its natural wealth and cultural heritage.

 Even manufacturers of me n's and women's clothes introduce eco- fashion. Designers pay attention to the tailoring of ecologically clean clothes that do not harm either the environment or humans. Almost every fashion house promotes it. Movie stars wear faux fur coats. Since the eco-fashion  it is elitism.

At the time, Ford Motors employee Gregory Smith estimated that the production of fur from animals caught in traps takes 3 times more energy than the production of similar artificial fur. Fur from animals raised on fur farms takes 20 times more energy than artificial fur. Therefore, the fur industry is harmful not only to animals but also to the environment. Fashion for naturality is clearly seen in cosmetology. Professional cosmetics becomes more natural. Bottles and tubes have marks confirming ecological compatibility of products. Professional shampoos, conditioners, masks do not contain harmful substances and synthetic additives, they contain herbal ingredients that makes them more useful. Moreover, according to estimates sales of natural cosmetics will increase in the coming years. It's not just the fashion but also rapidly development of production. The desire for naturality begins from the inside human ecology. Beauticraft can not exist apart from the lifestyle. Everything must be in harmony: food we eat, air we inspire and certain internal purity. More "ecological" approach to own life becomes more popular and active development of natural cosmetics is only confirmation of this.

Anna Gaymanova
ecologist of SLC ENECA

 Designers make over old collections, physicians promote healthy lifestyles and naturality. As a result a new departure Green fashion has appeared. I think if this fashion becomes part of our live, nobody will has idea to throw garbage on the sidewalk. We can avoid ecological crisis, if everyone works on the formation of own ecological thinking.


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