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All enterprises eyes on JSC “Domanovo Industrial-Commercial Complex”!


From site of JSC “Domanovo Industrial-Commercial Complex” “At this time in Belarus and in the CIS sodium silicate is the predominant product in the market of alkali silicates. But its use is not always advantageous and convenient. Sodium silicateas has a lot of disadvantages - a tendency to freeze, loss of running abilities, short shelf life. These qualities of the product affect the amount of production and the inconvenience of sale and export of sodium silicate abroad.
In the world sodium silicate has an alternative - hydrosilicate powders, obtained by drying sodium silicate. Hydrosilicate powders are used not only in the dry mixes, but they are also in demand for the production of detergents, dry concentrates for the preparation of dry mortars, dry mixes for welding electrodes, dry compositions for the manufacture of acid-resistant and refractory materials.

Therefore, for the further development of the company and increase its profits, it was decided to build a workshop on production of hydrosilicate powder.
In 2009 SLC "ENECA" began to develop the project “Construction of a workshop for production of sodium silicate hydrate powder” at JSC “Domanovo Industrial-Commercial Complex”. The project involves installation of a spray dryer LU RS-500 (capacity 700 kg /h) with auxiliary equipment and installation of packaging line. Delivery of the equipment was carried by the Slovak «LUKRO spol.s.r.o.».


In Spring 2011 the construction of the workshop and equipment installation were completed.
On April 1, 2011 at JSC “Domanovo Industrial-Commercial Complex” a new production line was launched.
Now export of sodium silicate would not depend on outside air temperature. And the producers of such high rank as Henkel and BASF will become its competitors.
We were honored to participate in the expansion of this enterprise. Implementation of the project will preserve the JSC “Domanovo Industrial-Commercial Complex” leading position in the market.
It remains only to study and admire marketing strategies, diligence and perseverance of the collective, headed by director S. Masuk. 

Author:Anna Pleskach


+375 17 393 27 88 +375 29 117 38 63 +375 29 671 97 36 +375 29 255 78 33

Address: 177,Nezavisimosti ave., room 1a 220125, Minsk, Belarus
business center PORT