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Biogas! We Desing for you.

 Any first-grader will tell you that the cost of natural gas rises each month and our country has not its resources.
But senior pupils will tell with confidence that alternative sources of energy can be alternative to natural gas. Among them, biogas that is produced all year by the fermentation of biomass is the most convenient to Belarus. As raw material for biomass could serve: manure, grains, sewage sludge, municipal waste, etc. The big advantage of this gas production is a useful recycling and reduction of harmful emissions of methane and carbon dioxide under the Kyoto Protocol. And physical properties of natural gas are not much inferior to biogas (combustion value of natural gas - 8000 kcal/m3, biogas - 5500 kcal/m3). 
And today many persons have a logical question: "How are things going in our country with the realization of biogas projects?" Any engineer can you answer that in Belarus there are mini CHP running on biogas from waste products of technical alcohol at the "Bobruisk hydrolysis plant", from the waste of manure and chicken manure at SGC "Zapadny", at the Gomel poultry farm in Zaslavje and poultry farm "Belarusian".


Designers of SLC "ENECA" may add that in March 2011, in Belarus, the first set of gas turbine plants running on biogas from household waste worked in full force. The project of our company "Installation for the active degassing SDW landfill "Trostenets" was implemented at the closed landfill "Trostenets" 14 km from Minsk. This project provides installation of three gas turbine units in container design in three stages: 1st unit - «Deutz TBG 620 V12K», 2nd and 3rd units - “Jenbacher JGC 320 GS-L.L in container design to run on biogas.

 Gas piston units are designed for electric power generation and leave in a single system of power "Minskenergo". Total installed capacity of mini CHP is 3.096 MW of electricity, 4.898 MW of thermal energy. This power plant is enough to supply 50,000 households with electricity and hot water. The Swiss company "TDF ecotech AG" was the investor of the construction project.

The director of SLC "ENECA" Grigory Kuzmich talk about the design of the object and the prospects of biogas energy in our country:

 -I want to congratulate you with the implementation of such a wonderful project. Minskers known that the problem of industrial and domestic waste is particularly relevant for our city. All this and occupation of large areas and, consequently, a huge amount of harmful waste leachate in the soil, release of methane into the environment. Such factors, seriously interfere with citizens" health. Already closed landfill "Trostenets" occupies 25 hectares. Since 1957 here was buried more than 23 million m3 of waste .

G.Kuzmich :  Thank you. Yes, really, except that we were able to project the country's first mini-CHP LFG, it is nice and even that was found useful application of the old-closure "Trostenets". According to experts, landfill continues to allocate about 70 thousand tons of carbon dioxide per year, causing significant 
ecological damage to surrounding areas of the capital. Now the designed installation will collect about half of the emitted methane. This significantly reduces harmful effects on the inhabitants of the city and bring more electricity and heat. And of course for the country, experience and application of this technology - a major step forward in the direction of energy use alternative energy sources. 

- Since starting this project in the Belarus, were certainly unexpected complexity in the design, the merit review process?

G.Kuzmich :   Yes. Without some difficulties with the design of the object is not managed. To begin with, that the project at the landfill gas is different in that it is very difficult section of the project "Gas-supply". The scheme envisaged pumping of gas from biogas themselves well in the body of the landfill, transportation, chemical composition analysis, the creation of the required parameters of the supply pressure to the gas engine units. A length of pipe - miles of ... 

Well, the design itself, we started in September 2008. The project was completed in 4.5 months. But only in spring 2009. we were able to submit it to examination. Filing was delayed is due to the fact that required a lot of time to obtain approvals prior to examination, neither Ministry of Emergency Situations nor the Committee on Energy Efficiency, nor the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources did not know how to relate to the object.
Lasted a long time coordination of the project with the chief architect of the city. The dump is visible from the road of national significance, and he wanted all the projected buildings look modern and beautiful. And the notion of "good" in the energy sector is not so easy to use ... 
Furthermore, instead of two weeks, we were three months of examination, because the experts with this sort of work encountered for the first time. 
By the way, a great help in our project has played an investor of the project - General Director of CJSC "TelDaFax Ecotech MN" Vyacheslav Shumkin. He has had tremendous support designers of the company to provide technology information and all the time go hand in hand with GIPom, helping to pass examination and approval of the project. 
And thanks to our joint efforts of all three phases units earned in spring 2011.

- The signs of designers the most difficult starts when the equipment is installed. And as mounting assemblies held at the site? 

At the photo: project engineer V.Moshkin

G.Kuzmich:  Yeah, thanks for asking. will absolutely paid off. Until we get approval and be examined, settled and dump relief greatly changed compared with the initial version. Furthermore, it was allocated three stages of designing and launching facilities. And it's different installation time and again changed the course of time the relief site. First of all, this was reflected in a gas pipeline. We had a lot of time to adjust the partitions to keep pace with these changes the nature of life site. 
- How the project will be realized commercially successful? Whether the project will pay off in terms of settlement of technical and economic indices 7-8 years? 
G.Kuzmich :  Well, the government encouraged the use of renewable energy sources are introduced preferential tariffs of purchase. The Ministry of Economy of Belarus by its decision № 100 of June 30 set the size of the coefficients to increase tariffs for electricity for industrial and similar consumers with connected load up to 750 KVA.
The first 10 years from the date of the equipment installed in the multiplying factors of 1.3. Exceptions are installations which use solar energy - to set them up coefficient 3. For the next 10 years for all types of installations are set stimulating factors in the amount of 0.85. 
C taking into account these factors will be calculated rates for electricity produced from renewable energy sources to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, not part of the software "Belenergo", and sold power supply company union. 

Well, the question of commercial success of this particular project is a commercial secret investor. But, I believe, an indicator of the effectiveness of such projects is t hat  the same investor has built  another such complex and is already planning to design a third.  

- Undoubtedly, t he attra ction of investments in construction of biogas systems - this is a profitable event for our country, and for investors. If othe r investors interested in bioenergetic potential of Belarus for further implementation of these projects?


G.Kuzmich:  Yes, definitely, the construction of facilities for LFG to be in Belarus. I can even try on new projects in our company: we now proceed to devel op the project "Construction of the unit to obtain landfill gas and electric and heat energy production for SDW landfill in Orsha, Vitebsk region.  I have no doubt that over time, each new landfill in Be larus will be well-degassed from the moment of its inception.

Anna Pleskach
Engineer 1 category

Indeed, the fact that Belarus is beginning to be realized by the application of advanced technologies of alternative energy sources, should please not only the power industry, but also people across the country. We should all try to strive for energy independence from energy savings at home, turning off all electrical appliances, ending the use of biogas on an industrial scale. And then the kids in class energy efficiency in school will not learn the theory and facts. Then the foreseeable future will look clean and upbeat.


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