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Now the Belarusian sky has wings!


It is safe to say that a famous historical city of the Republic has acquired in his    coin box yet one attraction. Already a few kilometers before Novogrudok you can see blades of the first in CIS  wind turbine electric power 1,5 MW.
The news that on May 18, 2011 in the village Grabniki, Novogrudok region was launched the first wind turbine in Belarus has flown all the country's media. From the pages of newspapers and the news we learned about the laying of the foundation for the tower and the installation of the blades and of the nacelle. And the first megawatts of electricity were issued in the city network. His power is enough to supply with electricity any thirty-thousandth regional center.
Preliminary measurements and monitoring of wind were pursued by Malaya Energetica Ltd. The Chinese company «HEAG» won tender for the construction of this facility, SLC "ENECA" was the general designer in Belarus and CJSC Zapadelektrosetstroy installed the wind turbine.
It was the first design and installation of the wind turbine in Belarus. Realization of this project was not easy for the engineers of our company and for the installation companies.
Grigory Kuzmich the director of SLC "ENECA" speaks about the process of working on the project: 
-What efforts have been made by you to help SLC "ENECA" to work on this project? After all, it"s a challenge to be the first project organization in the country preparing this type of design estimate documentation?
G. Kuzmich: The subject of wind energy was initially interesting to me. Yes, nobody in our country has not engaged seriously this direction and many were afraid of this "innovation" in our energy sector. 
In 2007 together with RUE Grodnoenegro we started developing a feasibility study, participated in the preliminary measurements performed by Malaya Energetica Ltd.

In 2008 we developed the first version of an architectural project and only in 2010  we were able to start the development of the construction project. In autumn 2010 the examination of the project was passed, and in 2011 we were able to attend the start-up of the wind turbine.
What are the difficulties encountered in the development of the project?

G. Kuzmich: The most difficult thing for us was to develop the architectural project. It is well known, it"s developed, even when the tender for the equipment doesn"t hold. It is necessary to considered an analogue in the project. But is hard to find it if it doesn"t exist... We had to get the information literally from the ground, with great difficulty.
It should be noted that the bidding on the wind turbine was too long. It was necessary to treat with responsibility the vendor of the wind turbine. I can say, RUE Grodnoenergo performed its task very well: the equipment of the company «HEAG» is the perfect choice. 

Was the examination process  complicated? After all, the experts also saw the project for the first time?

 G. Kuzmich: It was a pleasure working with RUE Glavgosstroyekspertiza. The experts reacted with understanding to this project.
Also this project took place thanks to the leaders of RUE Grodnoenergo who in spite of the various obstacles, brought the project to its logical conclusion: V. Shaternik, U. Shmakov,    V. Mikulich, O. Okuneva, I. Nekrash, K. Zhin, - thanks to the efforts of these people we"ve begun a new chapter of energy development in our country.

According to the technical and economic parameters of the project with the power of the wind turbine 1.5 MW, the annual electricity production will amount to 3, 183 mln kWh. This corresponds to savings 1.084 thsd. tonnes of reference fuel. Simple payback period of the project is 15,8 years with the operating lifetime of 22 years. To 2033 net profit will be 13 736 358 Br.
However, the data in a project to calculate the technical and economic indicators were initially underestimated taking into account the pessimistic scenario. Wind energy potential in the chosen site is very high. The practice of the exploitation of wind turbine shows that the annual electricity production could reach 5,6 mln kWh, which will reduce the payback period by 2 times.

Travel agencies in addition to the castle and to the house museum of A.Mickiewicz, already included the famous wind turbine in the route. But in prospect the spectacle will be even bigger: possibly in the village Grabniki will be placed a wind farm. Projected number of wind turbines is up to 10.

We wish RUE Grodnoenergo to gain useful power, and for us - further interesting work!

Author:Anna Pleskach


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